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Search Engine Marketing


Pay-per-click advertising puts your business front and center within a search engines results. It is an effective and fast way to advertise your services and products. For websites that are new and/or have poor organic results for their key offerings, it is by far the fastest way to drive targeted traffic to your site.

Your website is cornerstone to online marketing and for most of our clients, search engine marketing is a key traffic generator of qualified visitors to their sites. It is a great way to supplement your online presence under terms that you may not yet rank under or to target very specific audiences.

By employing keyword research and geographic targeting, as well as compelling ad copy and visually stimulating creative, pay per click advertising can be an extremely effective marketing tool, adjusted in intensity and/or budget to according to peak marketing periods and seasonality.


Search engine marketing spans across a variety of mediums and search engines. On the Google network alone, opportunities to advertise include the Search network, the Display network, Shopping Ads via product feeds, Remarketing Ads and Video Ads.

By using intelligent keyword research, creative results driven ad copy, monthly monitoring and geographic targeting, we can help you reach your ideal customer at the right time and place. With the addition of conversion tracking for both website and phone calls, all results are tracked and your ROI is made clear. For many of our customers, PPC delivers a steady volume of leads month in and month out and is their main source of business.

Benefits of Search Engine Marketing & Pay Per Click Advertising:

  • Target Customers Geographically
  • Reach a Motivated Audience Likely To Purchase
  • Set Your Own Budget
  • Track Return On Investment
  • Drive Traffic & Increase Sales Immediately
  • Increase Your Brand Exposure